September 26th

Weekend Reading

First off, how sexy sexy is the little image above?!?!? It made me blush and smile at the same time, just what I want from a picture and what better way to say happy weekend!!!!!

Paul and I have a few short days left before our trip to San Diego! The timing could not have been more perfect given how chilly the past few days have been! I’ve started following several SD local blogs, websites and Twitter accounts! As a part of Paul’s bday gift, I bought tickets to the SD Wine and Food Festival in November. I can’t wait for it to be outside with nothing heavier than a sweater, under a tent, by the water, judging a Fish Taco Competition!!!

As a tribute to PVD, this weekend we will stay at the Dean Hotel, grab coffee downstairs at Bolt, pastries at North bakery, dinner at birch, a nightcap at the Avery and whatever else we have left on our bucket list! I hope all of you have a lovely, warm weekend! If you have some downtime, check out my fav links from this week!

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