June 24th

Weekend Wrap-up

Summer has officially kicked off and we had a lovely weather weekend! Paul and I split our time between CT, NY and RI this weekend because why be in just one state when you can be in three?! Friday was Paul’s Dad’s bday. He is such a lovely man, I was beyond excited to spend the day with him.Before, departing for CT we stopped by Seven Stars for iced coffee, country bread and some road trip treats!

Saturday we were off to the city. It was 70s and sunny – thank you! We kicked off our day with a bit of retail therapy and iced coffee! Before dinner, we attended a champagne tasting at Flute Bar in Gramercy.  The setting was intimate and cozy. We had three speakers, two of whom grew up in Champagne, France. The focus was on how vintage Champagnes are harvested, blended and sold. We tasted the Piper Heidsieck 2006, Paul Goerg Blanc de Blanc 2004 and Thienot Cuvee Garance Blanc de Noirs 2006. Out of the three, I would say the Blanc de Noirs was my favorite!!! Paul, however, loved the Piper Heidsieck, which only means we’ll have more than one bottle of champagne in the fridge next week ;)

The part I enjoyed most about the class was how interactive it was – it was a small group of people and the informality of it all created a dinner party-like discussion. It reminded me of the few college classes that you would have toward the end of senior year where it was so specialized that you only had 10 or 15 students in the class.

On our way back we stopped by Upper Crust and picked up a large margarita pizza for the road, a tradition of ours that we have not done in a while. I also picked up a menu and to my delight they added several new, delicious options! The only problem will be, I’m sure, that we won’t ever get past the pizza – it is that good!

Also, did you guys catch that epic last-minute goal by Portugal? Too soon?


Train Time!


Newest Addition- My K Ring!


Bike Inspiration Parked Outside RISD


Lovely New Neighbor!