June 19th

Wine by Design: Gallery Talk & Wine Tasting

As a part of my birthday present, Paul purchased several wine & food themed events in NYC and throughout RI. Wine by Design was the first of the bunch. The event, hosted by RISD’s Graphic Design Professor Bethany Johns and Bottles‘ Wine aficionado, Eric Taylor, was at the RISD Museum in downtown Providence.

At the start of the event we were introduced to the Graphic Design: Now in Production exhibit by Professor Johns. Then, after a guided tour and explanation of the exhibit’s curation process, Professor Johns discussed the wines she chose, the impact of label design, and a brief history of each vineyard. Bottles’ Taylor even confessed, like many of his customers, that he too purchases wines by their unique labels and overall design (but assured us that yes, quality does play an important role!). We then tasted, ate, and became quite chatty!

If you are in the area, be sure to check out their event tonight Design the Night!


Graphic Design: Now in Production Exhibit


More from the Exhibit / I’m in!


 Professor Johns discussing type 


Wine Selection


Wine Selection continued 


Nectar of the gods Sampler  


Wine & My Lover

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